Activate The Energy Healer Within You In Just 8 Weeks

Do You Know The Invisible Thing That’s Controlling Your Entire Life, And Keeping You Stuck?

Your energy!


As you probably already know, energy affects you more than you realize.


Remember a time when you spoke to someone or encountered someone who was angry, stressed, anxious, or in a bad mood? What happened after?


Chances are… you FELT IT… maybe in your stomach, your heart, or your head… but it affected you somehow.


It doesn’t stop there…


Sometimes you carry that energy throughout your day and it ends up affecting everything you do, and everyone you encounter.


Now that’s just one tiny example of how a complete stranger can affect your life through energy alone.


Now, here’s the thing…

Every painful and traumatic experience you’ve ever had since you were a child had a tremendous energetic impact on you and it’s still affecting you, and holding you back

That energy is still currently stored in your body, buried on a deep level (sometimes even trapped on a cellular level), controlling your life and your decisions in ways you can’t even imagine…




…Because the problem lies with the fact that the ENERGY from those experiences you’ve had are still there, and still STUCK…


…Deep in your body


… And as long as you carry that energy with you, on some level you will remain stuck, stressed, unhappy, and unfulfilled.


The truth is, that unless the negative energy is removed from your body, your problems will keep reoccurring over and over again… 


And you won’t be able to fully move forward regardless of how hard you try…

To live a more fulfilled life, you have to embrace, discover and awaken your spiritual energy and clear your energetic blocks, in order to use your gift to heal yourself and those around you...

Here’s how energetic blocks typically happen…


When a painful experience happens, the energetic trauma of it gets stored in your body.


If not resolved and cleared, the energetic trauma will eventually turn into energetic patterns...


These energetic patterns keep you stuck, and cause you to keep re-experiencing the same problem over, and over, and over again.


Unless you are able to remove the deeply-rooted, energetic blocks that are stuck in your body (oftentimes on a deep cellular level), you will be stuck where you are, and you won’t be able to fully move forward.
But it doesn’t have to be that way…


You can escape the toxic cycle of negativity, “bad luck”, health problems, and spiritual disconnect.

This Is Where I Come in...

Because the truth is, there’s nothing special about me. I’m not “gifted” or “unique” or “blessed” in any ways different than you are...

The Fastest Way to Activate Your Spiritual Gifts and

Become an Energy Healer

Here’s What You Can Expect With The 8-Week Energy Work Certification Course:

  • Become A Certified Energy Healer

  • How to Heal In-Person Sessions

  • How to facilitate Distant Healings or Virtual Online Sessions. ( via Zoom, Messenger, WhatsApp.)

  • Activate and Align Your 11 Chakras

  • Boost and Strengthen Your Energy Field.

  • Awaken Your Natural Healing Abilities

  • Learn How to Feel energy with your palms and hands

  • How to feel energy in your body.

  • Live every day in a permanent connection with Source Healing Energy Frequencies of Light and Intelligence.

  • Magnify Your intuition, Perception and Sensoriality.

  • You'll be 100% Able To Heal Others Energetically

  • Gain A New Spiritual Perspective on Life

  • Become Aware Of Your Energy and Energy of Others Around You

  • Learn Alternative Healing Methods and tools to customize your own healing programs for your clients.

  • Improve Your Overall Health, Well-Being, Immunity and Longevity

  • Faster Recovery

  • Fell More Energized, Look and Feel Younger

  • Shift To A State Of Profound Happiness and Confidence

What Others Are Saying After Going Through This 8-Week Energy Healing Certification

More Transformational Stories from Certified Energy Healers Who Went Through The Program

"There is no greater gift than to be enlightened through a method that heals you and those around you..."

"It changed my life profoundly..."

"The The 8 Week Healing Arts workshop gave me insight into a bigger meaning of my life’s purpose.
Akahi Ricardo gave me a very powerful manual by which I could discover my own gifts and explore them. To be in a group-constellation accelerated my understanding of the great variation in how this tool can be of use for the highest good of all. It changed my life profoundly."



"The energy was so high, I didn't want to leave..."

Explore The Curriculum More Deeply

We Start With Your "Inner Game"

The big thing that stops most healers from activating their gifts, reaching their full potential, and helping those they need to help is... 




All the fears related to:


Worthiness: Am I really a healer? 


Judgment: What would others think?


Ability: Can I really do this?


Skill: Will this work for me?


All of this can be solved by setting up the proper foundation.


That's why the first 4 weeks we dive deep into clearing all the mental and energetic blocks stopping you from becoming a powerful healer...


We will also dive even deeper into the energetic body itself, auras, chakras, cellular level healing,  and all the essential stuff you need to know...

You'll Learn How to Perform Energy Healings

During the 8-week program, you'll also learn how to use your Chakras to channel SOURCE ENERGY - when I use the SOURCE multidimensional energy frequencies, I don't get tired at all – and healings are faster, more powerful, and more potent.

After you put the work in, go through the entire training, do all the homework, then you get your very own certification in the mail:

Just Imagine What Your Life Will Look Like After
This 8-Week Transformative and Activating Experience

Are you excited yet?


Can you imagine a life where stress... anxiety... frustration... sadness... overwhelm... and uncertainty are not even an issue anymore?


Can you imagine a life where you become a GIFT and a BLESSING to everyone you meet because you can now help them?


What would happen if all the things you've always wanted in your life just started to show up... and all the things you've never wanted just started disappearing?


Are you ready for life to start happening FOR YOU instead of to YOU?


It starts with the BELIEF that it's possible... and then you need to take action towards your future...


Now my goal is to get YOU super ready for the real world, equipped with all the skills, knowledge and confidence you'll need... that's why I added an additional 8-week training. 


I want to leave no stone left unturned.


My colleagues mentioned I should charge $5,000-$8,000 for this, as most intensive certifications do.


But for this round, I've decided to price this 8-week online training for an extremely discounted rate.  

...And since this will require time on my end - training you - going over and reviewing your homework - answering your questions... all sales are final, and there won't be any refunds for this program.


If you are an existing client, then you know that my training is top-notch, and I don't put it out there unless it works! So you know from experience, you're getting the best of the best out there...

Ready To Master Your Energy, Activate Your Spiritual

Gifts And Become A Certified Energy Healer?


  • Weekly Q&A Sessions:

  • You'll discover one of your main spiritual gifts.

  • Healing Training:​

    You'll learn how to remove energetic blocks step-by-step and do energy healing on people in-person and remotely.

  • Video Recordings From Live Event​

    You'll get selected training and video recordings from one of our live events. So you can learn the most important lessons covered during the event.

  • Private Facebook Group​

    Where you'll meet like-minded people, get support and additional training and communication from the team.

  • Accountability Partner:

    You'll get practice hours with your accountability partner so that you can practice the skills and develop confidence from our methodology.

Your new life is waiting for you...


Are you ready for it? 8-weeks is all it takes. 


I look forward to seeing you there..,


To activate your full potential... for the highest good of all,


Akahi Ricardo

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